Hi everyone, I spent last weekend at EGX Birmingham, the UK’s biggest gaming event. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt lots while I was there too!

Chatted with dozens of indie game developers and noticed how their eyes lit up when they saw punters enjoying their games. Almost every single one of them mentioned how much valuable feedback they had received while being at the conference and recommended that Handprint Games get along to gaming events like this as often as possible.

I also got a chance to play tonnes of games, from brand new AAA titles like “Spider-man” and “Kingdom Hearts III”, to indie games that will be released next year – a couple of highlights were “Tony Slopes” and “The Collage Atlas”. “Tony Slopes” is a hilarious downhill racing game where you can customise your character and select an interesting vehicle to race (I chose the bathtub). “The Collage Atlas” is an absolutely beautiful, entirely hand-drawn game with a theme of exploration. The creator of “The Collage Atlas”, John William Evelyn, brought along the original assets for the game, all drawn on watercolour paper with a fineliner pen.

EGX UK Gaming Event Game Art

I spent a fair amount of time in queues – it’s kind of like being at a theme park – but it was absolutely worth it!

It’s difficult to decide what my favourite game of the weekend was, but it’s definitely a toss up between the classic “Time Crisis II” (which I completed because there was no queue behind me and it was free to play), and “Beat Saber”, a VR game similar to Guitar Hero, but with lightsabers.

EGX UK Gaming Event Time Crisis

I went to several interesting talks given by people in the industry and learnt about video game production, writing and even tax reliefs available for the creative industries. The biggest lesson I learnt during my time at EGX was not at one of these talks, however, but through my own experience – DO NOT play VR games with a hangover.

I would highly recommend that people attend this gaming event next year – I certainly intend to. You should also come along to “Resonate” next month, a similar event at the SEC in our hometown Glasgow (19-21 October 2018), where you will find us demonstrating games in the Indie Zone!



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