Time flies and it’s been over a month now since the entire team came together and started work at the Handprint Games office. It’s absolutely amazing to think how fast time has gone by but how much progress has already been made. With our first game Punch Perfect set to release very soon now, we thought this would be a good moment to look back at everything that has happened in these first months at Handprint Games. So let’s begin!

Punch Perfect

First of all, we obviously want to talk about Punch Perfect! What started out as a basic idea and a very simple drawing of our no-nonsense boxing coach Simon holding up a pad, has now turned into a fully-functioning mobile game that looks amazing and is almost ready for release. It’s been so exciting to watch the game slowly becoming more complete with every week that went by. This week, for example, we added in our own original music and sound effects and created the logos for the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Indie Game Developer Handprint Games Office
Josh and Sean hard at work!

But what has probably been most exciting is seeing the development of coach Simon. A simple drawing of a boxing coach turned into a second concept of Simon as quite an endearing old man, which then turned into the tough-looking version that you can see below and will be training with in the game. Not only did his looks change quite drastically as the weeks went by, his trash-talk has also become better and better (that weak sauce ain’t good enough!!).

Boxing Coach Character
Coach Simon in action

We’ve already had so much great feedback on the game and the visuals that we’ve been sharing on Social Media, which has made us even more excited for the game’s release! We promise you that it really won’t be long now until you can finally step into the gym with coach Simon. If you want to know more about the game and its gameplay, we’ve written a blog post announcing the game a couple weeks ago.

Social Media

Watching our social media channels grow over these past weeks has been just as exciting as seeing the game develop. We have been sharing our progress on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page on a daily basis and the response has been great! It’s so cool to see more and more gamers and other indie game developers connecting and interacting with us every day. One of our latest Instagram posts even got over 160 likes, our phones just wouldn’t stop buzzing! We’ve still got lots more to share with you so make sure to keep following us on our social media channels to receive all our updates and cool content.

Indie Game Developer Handprint Games Instagram
Our Instagram page!


Another major happening was of course our website going live! We are so happy with how it has turned out and love seeing our own faces every time we open the homepage. Since it has gone live, we have added an about us section with a bit more info on how and when Handprint Games was founded and we have added some more details about Punch Perfect and its gameplay.

Indie Game Developer Handprint Games Website
We love how the website has turned out

EGX 2018

And finally, our co-founder Gary got to attend EGX 2018 in Birmingham, where he learnt an extremely important lesson… DO NOT play VR games with a hangover! He had an amazing time as he met some very cool and inspiring people and of course got to play tonnes of games, from brand new AAA titles like “Spider-man” and “Kingdom Hearts III” to upcoming indie games.

We have had an amazing past couple of weeks and we can’t wait to see what October will bring us. We’ve got some very cool things planned, like showing some of our projects at Resonate in Glasgow on the 19th-21st of October and of course the release of Punch Perfect, so be sure to keep following us!


The Handprint Games team

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