This week has without a doubt been the most exciting one at the Handprint Games office so far, as we have released our very first game! Punch Perfect is now available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. It is amazing to think how fast the game has gone from a first concept to a fully-functioning mobile game that we are very proud of and hope you will all enjoy. To celebrate its launch, let’s have a look at the stages Punch Perfect has gone through from start to finish!

It all started when co-founders Gary and Jamie came up with the basic concept of the game. They wanted to create a challenging boxing game in which the player has to memorise and repeat different punch combos.

So the entire team got to work and after various brainstorming sessions, we settled on the name Punch Perfect. We knew that our boxing coach would be the central element of the game, so we spent a lot of time on getting him right. We decided that he would be known as coach Simon, as the game was going to be built around the logic of the classic ‘Simon Says’ game. Our artist Josh then spent a good few days gathering inspiration and ideas by looking at boxing films and other materials, which led to our first concepts!

All of this pretty much came together in the first week that we started work at the office. In the weeks that followed, Sean worked very hard on building the game, while Josh made great progress on creating the art for Punch Perfect. After every single week, we were surprised at how much progress had been made and how fast the game was actually developing.

The past two weeks saw a lot of testing, which meant that we all got to play the game and try to beat each other’s high scores during work hours (what a job!). After making sure that any bugs were fixed and that all features were as good as they could be, we submitted the game to the app stores and waited patiently for approval…Fast forward a week and the game is now LIVE!!

It has been an amazing process creating our first game and we are extremely happy with how it has turned out. Make sure to download it from the App Store or the Google Play Store and let us know what you think. We will be popping a bottle of champagne on Sunday night, but before that, we will be at Resonate 2018 in the SEC in Glasgow all weekend! To anyone who will be attending the event, come and say hi to us in the Indie zone, play the game and be in with a chance to win a really really good prize.

Until next time,

The Handprint Games team

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