Last week was without a doubt the most exciting one here at Handprint Games. Not only did we get to show Punch Perfect at Resonate in our hometown Glasgow, but we also got to kind of launch the game there. After weeks of hard work, Punch Perfect was finally live in the App Store and Google Play Store on Friday morning, just before we took off to spend our weekend at Resonate!

Having just launched the game hours before heading to the exhibition made for a good conversation starter (the £50 prize probably also helped). Slowly but surely, people started to pop by to say hi and have a go at playing Punch Perfect. At one point during the weekend, we even had a massive queue in front of our stand as lots of people wanted to give the game a try.

Punch Perfect Resonate Gaming Exhibition
Look at that queue!

We really enjoyed playing the multiplayer sci-fi dodgeball game, “Rebound”, created by our neighbours in the Indie Zone, Hexterion, who will be launching their game in 2019! We also had a great time meeting two large groups of game streamers during the exhibition and at the after-party. ‘Create Scotland’ and the ‘Nuclear Vikings’ – both were such lovely groups of people. The best part was feeling like we were in The Matrix, addressing everyone by his or her screen name (such as MarleyThirteen and mBaited).

We received lots of great feedback about Punch Perfect – people were coming back to play the game over and over. Exhibiting the game at Resonate gave us a wonderful opportunity to watch people pick up the game for the first time; to see where any frustrations occurred and note common errors that were made. We have come up with a few gameplay, scoring and user interface improvements that we believe massively improve the game and quite elegantly solve the majority of the issues spotted.

The £50 prize was finally awarded to the highest score achieved during the weekend – 235. This score was set on the very first day and remained unbeaten the full weekend! Embarrassingly, Jack “Big Al” Lafferty beat a few of the Handprint team members’ high scores within a day, despite all of the practice we have had! (Although our developer, Sean, would probably like it to be known that his score of 395 is still the best we have seen).

Not only did Jack win £50, he also got to take home our Handprint Games belt that we spent all Thursday making and are very proud of. All in all, Resonate was a definite success as we got to see people enjoying Punch Perfect and most importantly, we got to celebrate the release of our first game with each other and lots of other amazing people we met over the weekend!

This week we are back at the office and have started working with all the feedback we have received during our time at Resonate. We don’t want to spoil too much but we can definitely say that the new update will make Punch Perfect even more addictive! Be sure to keep an eye out as we will be posting more info on our social media channels in the coming weeks.

Until next time,

The Handprint Games Team

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