It has been 3 weeks today since we released Punch Perfect on the App Store and Google Play Store. Since then, we have seen lots of people enjoying the game, constantly trying to beat each other’s and their own personal high scores (Sean’s 395 is still the best we’ve seen, come on guys!). In these 3 weeks, however, and especially during our time at Resonate, we have also been able to identify some minor frustrations and common errors while playing the game. The whole team has been hard at work and we are happy to say that we have come up with some improvements for Punch Perfect’s first update that we think will solve these and make it an even more addictive game to play!

A New Main Menu

Not necessarily a change in gameplay, but Josh has been working hard on redesigning the main menu, using bolder colours like orange and red. We have already been sharing some sneak peeks on our social media channels and have received a very positive response!

Punch Perfect Boxing Game New Menu
The new main menu will have some bolder colours!

The Patience Meter

As if Coach Simon wasn’t already intimidating enough, we have now given him his very own patience meter. This means that if you miss a punch, you will no longer receive an instant game-over, as the patience meter works similar to a ‘health bar’ in other games. You can now make a few mistakes before Coach Simon’s patience completely runs out and he’s had enough of you!

Improved Scoring System

Your score is now updated every punch, rather than at the end of a combination. Depending on how accurately you hit the Coach’s pad, a punch is now classified as “Perfect”, “Sloppy” or “Miss”. You receive more points for better punches, with score multipliers for landing consecutive “Perfect” punches. Sloppy punches and misses will lower Coach Simon’s patience.

The Walkthrough Phase

When Coach Simon shows the player a combination, we have added guiding arrows showing how to accurately hit the pad, visually communicating the controls rather than presenting them on an instruction screen at the beginning of the game (which a lot of people probably skip past anyway).

Punch Perfect Boxing Game Scoring System
The new patience meter and scoring system!
Punch Perfect Boxing Game Walkthrough
Guiding arrows show how to hit the pad

As the game felt a bit slow during the first few combos, we have also made some tweaks to the timing to ramp up the challenge much earlier. Besides this, rather than randomly serving ads every few fails, you can now opt to watch a quick ad in order to continue your current game once after a fail (with half patience) – a big help when attempting to beat a high score. 

We think that these changes will massively improve the game and solve the majority of issues that we have spotted, but if you have any more feedback please give us a shout! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on when our first update will be released.

Until next time!

The Handprint Games team

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