As Punch Perfect has been out for about two months now and we have already given you various teasers of our mysterious new project with the bad-ass, pink-haired Meta, we thought it was high time to finally announce our new project: 3EALITY. While we absolutely love Punch Perfect, this new project is one that we are extremely excited about as we feel that it is something that has not really been done (much) before. It is still a little while longer before the game will be released, but we will be giving you the first details on its story and gameplay today to hopefully get you just as excited for it as we are!

The idea behind 3EALITY is one that has been in Gary’s mind for a long time – he wanted to create a game based on the multiverse theory. After some really fun brainstorming sessions with the entire team, we decided that it was to be a game that focuses on three different realities, with the main aim being to control the character and stay alive in as many of them as possible. While this sounded (and turned out to be) extremely difficult, we liked the idea of creating a game that is fun but very challenging at the same time.


3EALITY centres around the protagonist Meta, a super being from the future (2155), where reality hopping is possible. She is part of an underground rebellion group called “Flux”. Flux plans to overthrow Intellegion – an evil government corporation that has taken over the world. However, on her way to a Flux meeting, Meta is captured by Intellegion soldiers who hold her captive and torture her to find out Flux secrets. Whilst held captive, she uses her unique ability to connect with her “alters” (versions of her in different realities) to warn them and ask for help in saving her before the Intellegion soldiers kill her and then all of her alters.


3EALITY functions as an auto-runner, in which you control Meta in 3 parallel universes simultaneously. You will be running along the rooftops in a futuristic cyberpunk city, facing different obstacles in each of the realities. The aim is to stay alive in as many realities as you can, for as long as possible. When you jump or attack, you do so in all 3 realities, so the main difficulty is keeping an eye out for danger on the 3 different platforms. It’s basically multitasking in the multiverse!

More details on 3EALITY will follow in the next couple of weeks and we’ll continue to share more visuals of the game and especially of Meta (how cool is she?!), so make sure that you are following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Give us a shout to let us know what you think of our new project and/or if you have any feedback or ideas for the game!

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  1. Cool, looking forward to seeing the development, sounds like an interesting take on the runner genre.

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