Just a few more days now and 2018 will officially be over. It has been an amazing year in which so much has happened over the space of a couple months. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find it hard to believe that it was only a little over 4 months ago that we all started working here at the office. As the year has almost come to an end now, we would like to look back on some great months of developing, designing, marketing, and discussing games (yes, we are very lucky), so let’s take a look!


August was the month in which it all started! While it was only about 4 months ago, it seems so much longer – probably because Sean and Josh have achieved so ridiculously much in such a short space of time that it’s hard to believe it has only been a couple months. During the first weeks at the office, we were mainly brainstorming about game ideas, discussing our favourite games, books, films, and so on, and putting it all on a big mood board (dream job!). We decided that our first game would be the casual, arcade-style boxing game that Gary and Jamie had been thinking about for a while, named it Punch Perfect, and started on our first project!


September saw Punch Perfect developing from a simple drawing of a boxing coach holding up a pad, to a fully-functioning mobile game with a slightly more intimidating version of that boxing coach. He was named coach Simon – as the game is based on the classic Simon Says – and soon became the star of our social media channels. Starting those was probably just as exciting (and scary) as starting work on Punch Perfect, but we are very happy with the amount of interaction we have been getting so we’re assuming that means we must be doing a good job then! September was also the month in which Gary attended EGX Birmingham, where he got to play lots of amazing games for 3 days in a row while we all stayed behind in the office.


The month in which we released Punch Perfect! October was probably the most exciting month we’ve had so far, as we got to attend our first gaming expo together and launch our game there. After weeks of hard work, it was really good to be able to get out there, chat to people, hear what they thought and see them actually playing the game. This also massively helped us in improving the gameplay in our first update for Punch Perfect. October was also the month in which Jack “Big Al” Lafferty managed to embarrass us by beating most of our high scores – which we had taken weeks to set – within the space of one morning (except for Sean’s high score of course!).


November went by ridiculously fast and it’s always one of those months in which not much really seems to happen. It was still a good month though, as we released our first update for Punch Perfect and we feel like the game is pretty much exactly what we hoped it would be now! Zeus also came in to visit us a couple times and Sean and Josh started working on a new mysterious project that we have now announced in last week’s blog post. Also, GamerBraves wrote a really great article on Punch Perfect, which you can find here!


And that brings us to December! We have been focusing on 3EALITY these past weeks and are so excited about it, as Josh and Sean have been working on some amazing things. While we are enjoying our well-deserved Christmas breaks at the moment, we will be back soon to give you more details about the game.

We hope you had an amazing Christmas and we already wish you a very happy new year! 

Until next time,

The Handprint Games team

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