The holidays are over and that means we have been back at the office this week and have resumed work on our upcoming auto-runner 3EALITY! While we all enjoyed being off for a little while, we have to admit that it started to get to that point where you don’t even know what day of the week it is anymore. We’re happy to be back into our normal routine and have had a very productive week, so we thought we’d give you a quick update on where we are with our new project!

For those who missed it…

In case you missed the blog post announcing it, 3EALITY is a challenging auto-runner set in a cyberpunk world in which you control protagonist Meta in 3 parallel universes simultaneously. She is part of an underground rebellion group called “Flux” (the year is 2155), which plans to overthrow Intellegion – an evil government corporation that has taken over the world. On her way to a Flux meeting, however, Meta is captured by Intellegion soldiers, who torture her to find out Flux secrets.

Concept Art Indie Auto-Runner 3EALITY
Running along the rooftops with Meta’s alters!

Whilst held captive, she uses her unique ability to connect with her alters – versions of her in different realities – to warn them and ask for help in saving her before the Intellegion soldiers kill her and then all of her alters. You have to control Meta’s alters and face the different obstacles and dangers in all 3 parallel universes simultaneously in order to guide them over the rooftops and ensure everyone stays alive. If we had to describe it in a few words: it’s basically multitasking in the multiverse!

So, where are we now?

Josh and Sean have been working hard on taking the game to the next stage, working on elements like Meta’s attack and run cycles, thinking about collectables and enemies, and designing the game’s user interface. In the first weeks of testing, I don’t think any of us actually made it past the first 30 seconds of the game (we might have accidentally created world’s most difficult game). Luckily, Sean has been making some changes, ensuring that the game is a lot more playable while still presenting a good challenge. Josh has also finished his cyberpunk-style fail screen and we have to say we absolutely love it!

Concept Art Indie Auto-Runner 3EALITY
3EALITY’s fail screen

We are so excited about 3EALITY as we hope that it will be an original new entry in the runner genre. While it might not be the easiest game, we still think it’s one for everyone to enjoy, whether you are always on the lookout for a challenge or just want to test your multitasking skills!

Josh has also whipped up some wallpapers of Meta for anyone who is as excited about 3EALITY as we are. We found that Meta slamming into obstacles especially makes for a good one.

Until next time!

The Handprint Games team

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