Those of you who follow us on social media will probably have seen that we shared our first gameplay video of 3EALITY last Wednesday! From the very beginning, this has been a project that we are extremely excited about so it has been great to see everything coming together over these past couple weeks. While the story behind the game was very clear from the beginning, its gameplay was something that we’ve had to tweak quite a bit since we started working on the game – mainly to make sure that we didn’t end up releasing the most difficult game ever created. We have to say that we are very happy with how the game has turned out and we are ready to reveal 3EALITY’s gameplay to you all, so let’s start!

As you could read in our previous blog post on 3EALITY, Meta has used her unique abilities to connect with her alters – versions of her in different realities – in an attempt to warn them and ask for their help in rescuing her. The game starts when one of her alters crashes onto a rooftop, upon which your screen will split into the 3 different realities! You have to guide all 3 of Meta’s alters along the rooftops and ensure everyone stays alive as long as possible. When one of her alters dies, your screen will merge into two realities, followed by one, full-screen reality if you’ve let two of her alters die. As it’s all quite tricky to explain, here’s a short teaser to give you an idea of what it will look like!

Yes, we know the video stops when it’s about to get interesting but we don’t want to give too much away…

It’s not as simple as just nicely running along rooftops, however, as you have to use the jump and attack gameplay (tap on the left of the screen to attack and tap right to jump) to make her alters jump over gaps and either avoid or fight the shady Intellegion agents we introduced to you all last week. On top of that, electrified barriers have been placed along the way to halt your progress, so be sure to keep an eye out for those! As we didn’t just want to keep adding things to make the game more and more difficult, we thought we’d add some elements to help you out a bit as well. Along the way, Meta’s alters can collect energy to power their EMP (electromagnetic pulse). They can also use several power-ups, which have been placed on the rooftops by Flux: these include a Shield (single protection from enemies and traps), Anti-Gravity (make Meta float in the air for a short duration) and Shock (protection from enemies and traps throughout duration).

We hope you are just as excited for 3EALITY as we are! We will be announcing the game’s release date very soon, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated.

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