Press Kit – 3EALITY

Fact Sheet


Release Date:
25 February, 2019

Action, Arcade

Handprint Games

Founding Date:
May, 2018

Glasgow, United Kingdom


iOS – App Store 
Android – Google Play Store


Press / Business contact:
Romy Binkhorst
(+44) 7708535903

Company Description:
Handprint Games is a small indie game developer based in Glasgow, Scotland, that was founded by Gary Fallon and Jamie Yacoubian. It endeavours to create fun and immersive original games that can be enjoyed by casual and avid gamers alike. The studio released its first game ‘Punch Perfect’, a memory and reaction boxing game for mobile, in October 2018.

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The year is 2155. Reality hopping is now possible. Superbeing Meta is part of an underground rebellion group called “Flux”, which plans to overthrow Intellegion – an evil government corporation that has taken over the world. On her way to a Flux meeting, Meta is captured by Intellegion soldiers, who torture her to find out Flux secrets. Whilst held captive, she uses her unique ability to connect with her alters – versions of her in different realities – to warn them and ask for help in saving her before the Intellegion soldiers kill her and then all of her alters.

3EALITY is a challenging indie platformer and endless runner in which you control Meta in 3 parallel universes simultaneously. You have to face different obstacles and dangers in each of the realities and aim to stay alive in as many of them as you can, for as long as possible. When you jump or attack, you do so in all 3 realities, so the main difficulty is keeping an eye out for danger on all three different platforms. It’s basically multitasking in the multiverse!


  • Successfully divide your attention between the 3 realities to guide Meta’s alters through the city. Tap on the left of the screen to attack and right to jump, but remember that when you jump or attack, you do so in all 3 realities. It’s the ultimate multitasking game!
  • Collect various power-ups and energy to power her electromagnetic pulse. Power-ups include Shield (single protection from enemies and traps), Anti-Gravity (make Meta float in the air for a short duration), and Shock (protection from enemies and traps throughout duration).
  • Our new “De Ja Vu” system allows Meta to revive her alters should they fall during the mission. Collect energy to build up the “De Ja Vu” power bar and bring back a fallen alter in a parallel universe.
  • Keeping all of Meta’s alters alive is vital in order to distract Intellegion. Because of this, you can now track how many alters have been saved across the different realities – so long as all 3 alters active in the mission remain alive!
  • Our improved obstacle warning system now makes it easier to safely guide Meta’s alters across the rooftops, while a new power-up timer allows you to keep track of when a power-up will run out.

About Handprint Games
The indie game studio behind the game was created in 2018 when two accountants in training, Gary Fallon and Jamie Yacoubian, made the decision to move away from accounting to put all their efforts into something that truly excited them. Having now built a small team of passionate individuals around them, they hope to make Handprint Games a creative hub for the UK gaming industry.

“We aim to become part of Scotland’s rich history of game innovation. From Golf to Grand Theft Auto, Scotland’s games have shaped generations. We intend to leave our print on the industry.”

– Jamie Yacoubian, co-founder


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