Press Kit – Punch Perfect

Fact Sheet

Punch Perfect

Release Date:
19 October 2018

Arcade, Sports

Handprint Games

Founding Date:
May, 2018

Glasgow, United Kingdom


iOS – App Store 
Android – Google Play Store


Press / Business contact:
Romy Binkhorst
(+44) 7708535903

Company Description:
Handprint Games is a small indie game developer based in Glasgow, Scotland, that was founded by Gary Fallon and Jamie Yacoubian. It endeavours to create fun and immersive original games that can be enjoyed by casual and avid gamers alike. The studio released its first game ‘Punch Perfect’, a memory and reaction boxing game for mobile, in October 2018.

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Punch Perfect is a memory and reaction boxing game built around the logic of ‘Simon Says’. In the game, you will be training with no-nonsense boxing coach Simon, throwing different punch combos at the sparring pads by for example tapping to throw a jab or swiping to throw a hook. You have to memorise the combos and repeat them correctly before coach Simon’s patience runs out. With continuously incrementing sequences and increasing speed, the game quickly becomes a real challenge, allowing you to effectively train your memory, reactions and coordination while playing.

Punch Perfect is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. It was soft launched in October 2018 and first presented at “Resonate”, a gaming exposition in Glasgow, Scotland. Based on the feedback gathered during its soft launch, the small team released its first major update in November, making the game ready for widespread release.


  • Let coach Simon show you different combinations of jabs, hooks, uppercuts and ducks. Repeat the combos correctly and in time to improve your high score and work your way up to become a boxing star.
  • Learn, memorise and repeat the combos before coach Simon’s patience runs out. Punch combinations will become increasingly difficult while time starts to speed up for the ultimate brain challenge.
  • Throw “perfect” punches, “sloppy” punches, or miss the pads entirely, with score multipliers for landing consecutive perfect punches.
  • Put on your boxing gloves, step in the gym and turn into a boxer with our realistic graphics, sound effects, and original music.

About Handprint Games
The indie game studio behind the game was created in 2018 when two accountants in training, Gary Fallon and Jamie Yacoubian, made the decision to move away from accounting to put all their efforts into something that truly excited them. Having now built a small team of passionate individuals around them, they hope to make Handprint Games a creative hub for the UK gaming industry.

“We aim to become part of Scotland’s rich history of game innovation. From Golf to Grand Theft Auto, Scotland’s games have shaped generations. We intend to leave our handprint on the industry.”

– Jamie Yacoubian, co-founder


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